Developments in Minneapolis city council race


A few items:

This is potentially big, in Ward 3: U.S Rep. Keith Ellison switched his endorsement from the controversial incumbent, Diane Hofstede, to Jacob Frey, who easily won the DFL endorsement.

In Ward 10, the incumbent, Meg Tuthill, who lost the DFL endorsement to Lisa Bender, will run in the general election. Regarding Matt Perry, who was not endorsed in Ward 13 (Linea Palmisano was), his campaign website and Facebook page have nothing new. But I heard that he sent an email to supporters, a couple of weeks ago, indicating that his campaign had ended.

Another possible question mark is Mahamed Cali in Ward 6, where Abdi Warsame was endorsed and incumbent Robert Lilligren is running in the general anyway. If Cali continued his campaign, it could possibly split the Somali vote and give Lilligren a much better chance. But I don’t think so; Cali’s Facebook page shows that he is a member of the group “Abdi Warsame for Ward 6 (Minneapolis).”

Here is an interesting perspective, from the Mogadishu Times, from a Somali-American in Minneapolis who was involved in the controversial DFL Ward 6 caucus proceedings. (Click on the first link in the preceding paragraph, if you don’t know the background on that.)