Cut GAMC: That’s Sick!


My dog vomited on the dining room rug today.  I put her outside.  I’m keeping an eye on her.  She may be a little sick, but my carpet takes precedence. Dogs can be sick in the yard.

On a party line vote, the Minnesota House yesterday voted against overturning Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty’s veto of funding for General Assistance Medical Coverage (GAMC), eliminating basic medical care for  almost 40,000 sick and poor people. Did they weigh their own version of the dog / rug trade-off? Screw basic care, the poor folks can visit the emergency room once it gets really bad.

The cuts save us taxpayers nothing and ultimately increase health costs. Canceling GAMC will extract more suffering from all of us. After all, the insured share the over-stuffed, underfunded emergency rooms with the indigent.  

Tossing my dog out the door makes some sense in comparison.  At least my carpet was spared a few brown spots.

Less than two weeks ago, most of these same Republicans did the right thing.  Most voted to restore GAMC funding.  What canceled out their empathy, made them vote ‘no’ to caring for the sick?  Politics. 

That makes me want to vomit on my own carpet.