Croissant comfort at a caffeinated classic: Muddy Waters



Muddy Waters logo

Do you have a favorite haunt? You know, that special ‘watering-hole’ or ‘greasy-spoon’ where your car finds itself parked, without abject direction or even precognition? No? I don’t either. Until now.

I heart Muddy Waters for what it’s become and for paying homage from whence it came. What does that mean? Um. It used to be a favorite place to get a giant munch-y, especially that summer I can’t remember, when it was located at 24th & Lyndale, diagonally across from the Leaning Tower of Pizza (also, a nice place to forget your troubled-twenty-thirty-something minds).

I’ve found Muddy’s again, but it now pleases my mature pallate. If you ever wanna’ witness caffeinated latté wizardry, belly-up to the barrista’s bar at the not-so-new home of Muddy’s: Muddy Waters Bar & Eatery, 2933 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

They have a great side-patio that is a wonderful place to people watch and catch a brew with a best friend. It’s not open now, but I look forward to the time this spring when it reopens. The natural woods, pine, walnut (maybe?)  coupled with hammered copper lends to a dark interior, but not mood. Nope. It’s familiar. It’s warm and chock full of spicy, drool-inducing smells. And they have clever staffers you wish were like, your buddies. Swear!

I’m presently loitering. I shall move when I damn-well please from my perch at the coffee bar. I’m the only one here besides coffee-goddess Molly. She makes the bestest (that IS a word) egg-spresso sandwich with spinach & cheddar. Zomagah! It is now my favorite creature-comfort nosh. It $4.50. And it’s after ‘breakfast time’. That’s right, I just came right in, sat at the shiny bar and got served, boi. And when I finished, I fawned & applauded. You will too. C’mon down and get a caffeinated comfort, it’s a classic!