Creative Job Search


Patrick took a two-day class on “Creative Job Search” at the state Workforce Center. He had a conversation with the instructor at the lunch break today. She told him she likes her job, but it really bothers her to know that 25% of the people in her classes will never work again. “They’ve created an underclass, and they expect us to fix it.”

She said the hardest part was the young kids who’ve lost their jobs at McDonalds, and aren’t going to work again. “In five years there won’t be entry level jobs. They’ll have shipped them all overseas.”

(Some of the service jobs will remain, though I don’t know how many. Eating out is discretionary. So is most shopping. How many people will be able to eat out or shop for entertainment?)

Pat told the instructor he felt incredibly lucky that he’ll be able to retire soon. If he was 40 with his skills, he’d be terrified.

One of the guys Patrick was partnered with lost his job at a factory where he’d been working for decades. He is utterly unprepared for this job market.

The other guy is planning to hang on for two years until he can collect his military pension. Like Pat, he is lucky. He can retire soon.