Covering the recount


We know readers are interested. On the other hand, the news is out there – all over the place, from blogs and media partners to the New York Times. They report on the recount. They report on what the candidates say about the recount. (Franken: I’m ahead. Coleman: I’m ahead.) They spin and slice and dice the numbers.

So, with our very limited resources, what should the Daily Planet report? Where should the daily update go?

At first, we wrote update summaries and posted the nightly total, along with the summaries, in column 3. Then we demoted recount news to “Inside the Daily Planet.” We’ll probably keep moving it around, depending on what each day’s recount stories bring. For today – here’s a round-up from our Twitter feed, followed by the Secretary of State’s numbers from 8 p.m. on December 3.

mnindy On Day 10, U.S. Senate recount is officially near-done but unofficially coming undone

MinnPost NY Times: Minnesota recount doomed: Human error is twice as large as any likely margin, so we might as well flip a coin.

theuptake List of 633 withdrawn challenges from the Franken campaign:

MnIndyLIVE ‘Human error’ blamed in 133 twice-counted ballots, Franken’s ‘lead’ slips away

googlenewsus Senate recount: Pendulum swings to Franken – Minneapolis Star Tribune:

dbrauer Coleman’s lead 316, not including 633 Franken pulled challenges, but including withdrawn Mpls ballots #mnrecount