MONDAY PICK | National Waiter/Waitress Day with Candacy Taylor


Working in the service industry, more often than not, comes with negative connotations and presumptions of class rank. That’s no thanks to the media; take, for example, the movie Waitress starring Keri Russell or blog-turned-book Waiter Rant. In her book (a hybrid of photography and interviews) Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress, Candacy Taylor refutes the stereotype of the age 50+ women waiting on tables in roadside diners, and helped Taylor to, “redefine my perspective on life, work, and happiness.” On Monday, May 21, the final installment of this year’s Friends of the St. Paul Public Library’s “Untold Stories” labor history series will feature Taylor and her work on this project. Incidentally, the multi-media lecture is taking place on National Waiter/Waitress Day.