Consume ®econnection


Paul Schmelzer, 5/1/08 • A year of trying to reconnect with the people behind the products

I don’t have much to say about this project that GOOD hasn’t already said, but this is an idea I can get behind. And part of this blogging experiment is amplifying ideas I believe in. So, behold the Consume®econnection Project, in which New York’s Scott Ballum (founder of Consume®evolution magazine) spends his 30th year trying to reconnect with the people behind the products he consumes. He describes the project:

The plan at the outset is to spend the next year, my 30th as it happens, hyper conscious of every consumer purchase I make. For every transaction, there must be a personal connection with someone along the production chain. Whether its the designer, factory worker, chef, farmer, or maybe even trucker, being aware of the lives touched by every product I buy will certainly enlighten me, probably surprise me, possibly shame me, and absolutely provide me with some good stories.

The experiment/challenge will most likely direct me to consuming primarily local goods– grown, produced, created somewhere near Brooklyn, NY. I will not necessarily hold this as a rule, however. I hope to be able to make some connections across the country, and possibly internationally. I’ll probably want to buy something that was made in China over the next year, won’t I?