Construction underway at 27th Ave and Lake St in Minneapolis


Rumors have been swirling around what will happen with the building across from the East Lake Library for more than a year.

However, it wasn’t until just a few weeks ago that any sign of development with the building could be seen – now it’s glaringly obvious with three multi-story holes punched into the brick facade.

The building is owned by Hamoudi Sabri’s company, which also owns a variety of local properties, including the gas station on Lake Street and Portland Ave, and properties on all three of the corners at Cedar Ave and Lake Street. Sabri and his extended family have had a storied past with development and their properties in Minneapolis, including foreclosure, legal battles, and – in the case of Sabri’s brother Basim – jail time for bribing a City Council member.

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Currently, Sabri’s company only has permits for demolition and facade improvements, said Minneapolis license inspector Julie Casey. These permits note that the space will be used for a future restaurant. If the company applies for an alcohol or extended hours permit, the city will hold a public hearing where neighbors will be able to voice support or concerns.

The building under development is located at 2716 E. Lake Street in Minneapolis.

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