FREE SPEECH ZONE | Construction of the Central Corridor LRT line: When will it begin?


 I’m sure a lot of people are sick and tired of my ranting about the Central Corridor Project, but not half as sick and tired as I am of the propaganda claiming that construction of the LRT line has already begun.

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 More than 25 years ago, the highway engineers began planning to rebuild University Avenue in St. Paul.  With roughly a billion dollars intended to provide new public transit service, the roughly 100 million dollar road construction project might begin next year.  In the meantime, the Met Council’s Central Corridor Project Office is spending the public transit money as fast as it can get it, prepping the road construction project with more road construction.

 The so-called “advanced traffic improvements” are to serve University of Minnesota Parking customers, not LRT riders.  And the sewer and road construction mess in downtown St. Paul has not provided any tracks, trains, platforms, or any other item specific to the construction of an LRT line.

 Until some major issues are resolved, including the crossings at Snelling Avenue and the Mississippi River, it is unlikely any construction of the LRT line will occur.  Regardless of the propaganda, I will believe that construction of the LRT line has begun when I see it.