FREE SPEECH ZONE | Congressman Ellison’s $45,000,000 earmark


Congressman Ellison is requesting $45,000,000 for the Central Corridor Project. He claims the “Funds will be (legitimately) used to complete final design, right-of-way acquisition, acquisition of vehicles and construction of the Central Corridor LRT, an 11-mile line between St. Paul and Minneapolis via the State Capitol, Midway and the University of Minnesota.”

Congressman Ellison is full of (fill in the blank).  $45,000,000 does not buy any LRT construction, vehicles or right-of-way.  The $45 million is required just to complete the “final” design.  Prior to any LRT construction or purchase of vehicles and right-of-way, contractors and consultants will pocket $100,000,000 or more just applying for the Federal grant.