COMMUNITY VOICES | Terrance Franklin shooting is about systematic racism


Demetrius H’ro is a local spoken word artist who marched at the Justice for Terrance rally on May 31. Terrance Franklin was a 22-year-old who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police on May 10.

H’ro attended the rally because he wants to “start a movement” against institutionalized racism and police brutality, especially toward black men, he said.

“I’m in a system that’s trying to effeminate me as a black man and take away my inner power. You notice it in subtle ways that you deal with police, or maybe a job interview,” he explained. “The murder of Terrance [Franklin] is just another part underneath that entire umbrella called ‘racism,’ which is raining down on all of us people of color.”

H’ro added, “It’s a part of a problem that’s affecting me and other people of my skin color and anyone that is a victim of systematic racism.” He ends with a powerful message to Minneapolis police and other authorities he sees as hiding behind institutional racism.

For the full story about the rally, read Lolla Mohammed Nur‘s story, “Protesters demand justice for Terrance Franklin, police prosecution.”