COMMUNITY VOICES | Open Saint Paul: Prioritizing the Citywide Bikeways Plan


How should the City prioritize this plan? What criteria should be used to identify the greatest need or highest-priority corridors?

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The City of Saint Paul Comprehensive Plan establishes a goal to increase the number of people using bicycles to travel around the city. To help accomplish this goal, the City has developed a draft of a “citywide bikeways plan,” a document which is intended to guide the development of Saint Paul bicycle infrastructure into the future.

Please review the draft of the plan at and let us know what criteria you think the city should use in determining how to implement the plan.

From Ryan Broshar inside Ward 3:

I think the more bikeways we can have, the more healthy, active, and fun communities we will have. These simple changes will draw in the next generation of residents and will lead to economic development via talent attraction for the city.

More specifically, the north/south biking options in Mac Groveland/Highland Park is severely lacking. A bicycle boulevard needs to be made on Saratoga St and a bike lane added to Hamline.

From Bill Johnston inside Ward 4:

I think the bike plan should be prioritized based on 1) how many accidents and near-accidents it is estimated to eliminate, 2) how many people it is estimated will become bike commuters and 3) how much it is expected to improve the quality of life of families and others who currently cycle – in that order.

From Peter Breyfogle outside Saint Paul:

Be sure to include plans to get across the major blockages created by interstate highways, railroad tracks, etc… These connections usually force bikes onto uncomfortable and unsafe infrastructure. These are places it is critical to have bike lanes and signage.

Be sure to include a plan to sign the bike routes like they do in San Francisco. This is very helpful and they can be seen in winter and by car drivers. Car drivers don’t yell get off the road as often or drive as poorly on routes that are clearly marked as bike routes.

Prioritize the work so it gets done as fast as possible. Do the painting ASAP and coordinate the rest of the work with road repairs like mill and overlays. Bike routes on poor roads is no big win.

From Rashelle Brown inside Ward 2:

A well-thought out plan consisting of major east-west and north-south routes connecting Downtown to: Summit Bike Lane, University Avenue Bike Blvd (2 blocks north, I understand), the MRT (Shepard Rd), and Bruce Vento/Phalen Blvd paths is needed. Specifically, getting into and around Downtown is currently hazardous, due to the glaring lack of marked bicycle lanes. I feel this should take priority in order to accommodate and encourage commuting into the city’s job center, as well as offering safe ways for downtown residents to get to the pathways leading to other Saint Paul neighborhoods and beyond.

From Red Rider inside Ward 5:

The round corridor makes sense as a recreational route, but it isn’t much good for commuting and running errands. I don’t see any through-bikeways to get from Dale/Larpenter to Dale/Grand, or to Western/Selby for instance. The north-south routes are limited or involve zig-zagging on busy streets.

From Laura Nichols inside Ward 3:

I would like to see more access to biking lanes in those areas of the city where the cost of transportation is an issue…ie Shepard Davern and the east side. Better access to bike paths could really improve a family’s access to a better job, especially in low income neighborhoods. Biking is great for the soul and exercise, but for some of our neighbors, access to biking paths could make a huge financial difference.

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