COMMUNITY VOICES | Homelessness an ever growing epidemic in Minnesota


Your article, “Homelessness in Minnesota: Women and children first,” helps bring awareness to many of the ever growing epidemic of homelessness that continues to be an issue here in Minnesota. In particular I believe that not enough attention is paid to the single men and women who are dealing with homelessness due to mental health and criminal backgrounds. These barriers make it very hard to move someone into permanent housing. “Almost half (47%) of the homeless adults, 2,931 people, interviewed for Wilder’s 2012 homeless study reported that they had served time in one or more correctional facilities at some point in their lives”( Wilder Research, 2014).

Since, I started working as a Case Manger to the homeless, my passion and awareness has increased. I witness first-hand the client’s struggle to overcome barriers that continue to sustain them from having a place of their own. I believe that if more people were informed and understand the long term impact homelessness has not only on the individual, but the community, maybe there would be more response in addressing the needs of the homeless and permanently end homelessness.

I want to thank you for writing such an informative article while raising awareness to many about the epidemic that is happening right in our backyard.

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