OUR STORIES | Willie Walton: “He didn’t deserve to die like a dog”


Terrance Franklin’s uncle spoke to Twin Cities Daily Planet Community Engagement Editor Lolla Mohammed Nur while marching through downtown Minneapolis at the Justice for Terrance rally on May 31. Willie Walton, along with Franklin’s father, other family members and supporters, is demanding that Minneapolis police release details about the May 10 shooting that led to Franklin’s death.

“We want those Minneapolis cops that killed Terrance, that slaughtered him in the basement, we want them brought to justice,” he said. “Terrance is unarmed. He’s not known for carrying a gun, so why did they slaughter him? He’s not a known criminal. Terrance is 22 years old. He didn’t deserve to die like a dog.” 

Walton added it is difficult for the family to gain closure because police have released so little information. 

“They’re not apologizing. It’s just another black man dead that they don’t have to worry about,” he said. 

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