COMMUNITY VOICES | Dueling FAQs on Sisters’ Camelot, and a community statement


From a recent Daily Planet article:

The canvass workers for Sisters’ Camelot announced unionization on Monday, February 25, and went out on strike on Friday, March 1. Sisters’ Camelot is a nonprofit, volunteer-run collective organization based in Minneapolis. The canvass workers are independent contractors who raise money for the organization by going door-to-door. Canvassers have joined the Industrial Workers of the World, a leftist union informally known as the “Wobblies.”

Since the strike began, both the Sisters’ Camelot strikers and the Sisters’ Camelot collective have put out answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about the situation. Read them here:

And on March 5th, a group of community members released “A Letter of Support for all the Workers at Sisters’ Camelot.” The statement reads, in part:

As outside but invested observers and community members, we wish to share certain observations and views about this conflict: the value of collectivity as a means of worker control; the importance of approaching disagreements in the movement as comrades rather than enemies; the complex dynamics and mistakes of Sisters’ Camelot, in particular regarding the involvement of Shuge Mississippi; and the implications of this conflict for continued radical anti-authoritarian struggle in the Twin Cities into the future.

To read the full statement, go to