Community Voices: Art and Resistance


Art evokes emotion and subjective interpretation of political issues in ways that the mainstream news and media no longer does. For that reason, we must continue to create art that challenges everything, and leads everyone to think deeply about the current state of our world.

Art and Resistance is a monthly community gathering for creation, dialogue and justice. On March 3, The Third Place Gallery in South Minneapolis hosted the kick-off event for a new monthly feature that will showcase various works from local artists, facilitate discussion and build our resistance through art.

In this panel discussion with filmmaker D.A. Bullock, poet Andrea Jenkins and visual artist Ricardo Levins Morales, the artists discuss the relationship between art and resistance movements. Led by artist-organizer Ashley Fairbanks, the conversation covers thought-provoking questions like “How did you come into the process of using art as a tool for social change?” and “How do you cultivate eldership and teach people the roles that you played?” Video by Line Break Media.