Community Voices: ACLU calls for justice for Laotian victim of police brutality in Worthington


Anthony Promvongsa was driving in Worthington, MN, when an officer pulled him over and assaulted him. Be advised, the following video contains adult language and images of police violence.



Officer Joe Joswiak has yet to be disciplined, meanwhile Promvongsa has been charged with multiple felonies related the incident. The ACLU is calling for Officer Joswiak to be held accountable for his brutal attack on Promvongsa, up to and including termination and prosecution.

No one deserves to be treated this way by someone sworn to serve and protect. The Promvongsa family, the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU and Asian activist organization RadAzns are calling on the Minnesota community to contact Worthington and Nobles County officials to demand justice.

Contact Worthington Police Chief Troy Appel at and learn more at the ACLU’s website.