Community Voices: 15 Now says ‘Don’t let Republicans block minimum wage!’


15 Now Minnesota released a new animation that breaks down how the Minneapolis City Council’s delay on passing a $15 minimum wage opens the door for Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature to block any city from increasing minimum wages.


As the folks at 15 Now write:

2016 will go down in history as a turning point for Minneapolis workers. A $15 per hour minimum wage went from a far-out demand to a policy with 68 percent support amongst Minneapolis voters.

Minneapolis City Hall passed paid sick time, establishing a precedent that cities can take major steps to fight for workers’ rights and address inequality. If we don’t act now, state Republicans could not only block workers’ ability to end poverty wages in Minneapolis – they could even peel back paid sick time!

Read more about everything the movement accomplished in 2016 and how you can help win $15 per hour in 2017.

Animation by Alexander Jenson
Audio and Voiceover by Calley Bliss

Published with permission from 15 Now Minnesota.