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Many people have heard about the benefits of acupuncture, but if you are looking for social change along with healing your ailment, CA is for you.

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We’re all sick.  And tired.  Too much lip service, no real change.

Health care is still synonymous with health insurance and health insurance is still synonymous with sickness.  Our lives are fast paced, too high stress, too high impact.

Our imaginations know better and change is in the air, but we still have our bodies and minds to care for down here on the ground. And some of our bodies hurt.  Our minds are scattered by interference.  We can feel disconnected from care and disempowered.  We yearn for a little peace.  Accessible.  Now.

There is good news.  It IS here.  Accessible.  Now.  We’re in the midst of a quiet little revolution, brewing up some good old fashioned rest, relaxation, and honest-to-goodness healing.  It’s as near as your local Community Acupuncture (CA) clinic.

And you’re all more than welcome, in fact, you’re needed. Without you, there IS no CA.  It is you, your friends, your neighbors, sitting and sharing some healing space.  It is people, like you, working to create that space, and we happen to think that we all deserve it.

The CA movement has grown in ten years from a single clinic in Portland, Oregon to a multi-stakeholder cooperative of over 200 clinics nationwide.  Beyond a clinic model, it is a simple and radical rethinking of what health care is and what it can be.  With a few simple guiding principles, CA envisions how medicine can become more affordable, accessible, person and community centered, low impact and effective:


The negative impact of stress related to the economics of health care is a reality that can’t be overstated.  If we can’t afford health care, then we can’t have health care.  We might not even feel we deserve to be healthy, due to the psychology of economic classism.  CA recognizes that treatment cost is a major barrier for many people.  Treating people in a group setting at the same time allows lower fees and makes it an affordable option for many more people.  The sliding scale for CA starts at $15 or $20, more than a third less of the typical private acupuncture session.

Person and Community Centered

Healing doesn’t occur in a vacuum.  It is facilitated, usually by someone trained in the healing arts and sciences, but also by our interactions with the world.  It heps me to think of my role as a gardener; I might give the plants some food and water and tend the space where they grow, but the plants in the garden interact with and influence each other.  When you walk into a room of blissed-out people and sit with them, something is transmitted to you beyond any skill the acupuncturist has.  This is collective healing, and there are very few avenues for it in this modern culture of increasing isolation.

Low Impact

Acupuncture is a low impact medicine.  And CA clinics require less space than the typical acupuncture practice.  Since people are treated in a group setting, all that’s really needed are some needles and chairs.  It is minimally invasive compared to the onslaught of pharmaceuticals, radiation, surgical procedures, and implants that are introduced to our bodies via modern medicine.  CA says, “Hey, the body is assaulted every day with more sensory and chemical input than it can deal with.  Let’s give it some quiet space AWAY from all of that.  Let’s allow it to go inward and practice it’s own healing method.  Come on in and see what it can do.  We’ll provide the needles and chairs.


Yep.  Acupuncture is effective.  And the more you receive it, the more effective it becomes.  Effective for what?  Pretty much anything, since acupuncture doesn’t heal the body, per se.  Rather, it creates conditions for the body to heal itself.  But how does it work?  To be honest, most acupuncturists don’t know much more about that than anyone else.  We know it works because we see it work.  Scientists are interested in examining why it works, but acupuncturists are more interested in giving treatments and seeing people feel better. 

You might still want some proof.  For that I suggest you try it and see for yourself.  There is no greater proof than the way you feel after having a course of treatment.  You can read more about CA and find a clinic locator that lists the 6 Twin Cities CA clinics at  And come check out the Twin Cities premiere screening of the documentary Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged.  7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 10th at the Seward Co-op at 2823 East Franklin Ave.  Open and free to all.