The resilient stories of Minnesota immigrants and refugees


With all the rhetoric in the media about immigration, we hear little of the voices of actual immigrants telling their stories. “Coming to America” is a film about the journeys and struggles of immigrants finding a new life in Minnesota.

“There is nothing unique about Americans, that we wouldn’t make the same choices that all of these people have made.”

This video was directed by Yesenia Hernandez-Nava, Chiara Handsuch-Gamero, Erik Garcia, Nico Hodge, and Ahmed Kewden, students in the South High VOICES class of 2015-2016. VOICES stands for Values, Options, Issues and Choices Explored in Society. Students in the VOICESclass create social issue documentaries with the guidance of teachers Delainia Haug and Laura Lanik and Teaching Artist/videomaker John Akre. To see all of this year’s VOICES documentaries, visit this link.