Chasing the news


What to publish about the inauguration? How to cover the controversies in the Jordan neighborhood? The questions challenge us from different directions.

Everybody is reporting the inauguration, and people want that news. We support reporting by our community media partner, the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, and look forward to sharing the articles that Charles Hallman will report from Washington, and to Matthew Little’s reflections on the inauguration in his column.

In contrast, the Jordan Area Community Council controversy has not been widely reported. We believe it is important to the community, and we have reported on the developments, and will continue to update the story. (Today we received copies of NRP certification of the election of board and officers.)

The two stories represent the far ends of the spectrum. The inauguration is so big that the whole world is watching it. The JACC battles belong to a neighborhood, overlooked by most of the media. With limited resources, we continue a balancing act, and welcome your input on the stories you want to see reported in the Daily Planet.