Cavlan For US Senate Campaign Call For Impeachment


Dennis Kucinich just released 35 counts against George Bush, calling for Impeachment. He is being ignored by the media. We all need to condemn the corporate media for
their continued betrayal of the public trust by it’s silence on this. This betrayal is even worse than the corporate media aiding the Bush Administration lies that got us into the illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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It is true that the brave Representative from Ohio has been marginalized and demonized by those in the corporate media. However, we must remember that that marginalization and demonization has not just been by the corporate media. There have been many willing partners in crime from within the political establishment. The corporate
media blackout has had allies.

For this blackout to be broken, Progressive Democrats of America, Move On and every other progressive group need to call for Senator Obama to publicly call for Impeachment. Make it clear that if he does not do so, right now that they will publicly withdraw support from Senator Obama and publicly support Cynthia McKinney and/or Ralph Nader. We need to make the same case for every politician running that if they do not support Kucinich that you will publicly not support them and will indeed support any Independent that run against them, now and in the future.

Most importantly, having Senator Obama and others making it clear that they support an Impeachment investigation will force the corporate media to cover the story. This will then provide the evidence needed to convince the American public on just how deep and insidious the crimes of the Bush Administration are. This simple act of courage by progressive groups could propel Impeachment into the minds and consciousness of the public in our country. It can make the oft heard term “holding their feet to the fire” have real meaning and relevance.

On the other hand, to not push this will do one thing and one thing only. It is unarguable that the Democratic majority have proven themselves to be worse than
spineless. For progressives to not publicly pressure the Democratic Party leadership in this manner will actually reward them for their cowardice. At this stage, this is the only leverage we have left.

Impeachment really is this important and you all know it. Make them prove that Impeachment was not taken off the table because they had something to hide under the table. Or we can assume that they did have something to hide, in which case, they do not deserve our support. It will become undeniable that the Democratic Party leadership would rather loose the election to John McInsane and the Republicans that to push for Impeachment. It will be proof positive of their complicity, the fact that they are coconspirators in the crimes of the Bush Administration.

If we all come to that horrifying reality, we can then be truly aware of how bad the situation we find ourselves in. It also gives We The People the responsibility to create real and lasting change for ourselves and the world in which we live.

It is up to us progressives. This is our opportunity to shine. We can choose to follow the courage and lead of Representative of Dennis Kucinich. Let us not waste
this last opportunity for accountability. History and applaud us or history can condemn us.

The choice is ours to make.

Michael Cavlan RN
Candidate US Senate 2008