Caucus for Equality on Tuesday evening


Outfront Minnesota is pushing neither a political party nor a candidate going into Tuesday night’s caucuses. They are asking that Minnesotans take a stand against the Minnesota Marriage amendment during the caucuses–that’s Republican and Democratic caucuses.

I’m not a big caucus-goer guy–the whole inside-baseball aspect to DFL politics is unnerving, like the time I showed up at milonga in Buenos Aires with a vague memory of how to do the bunny hop and instead watched the pros tango from the sidelines with my mouth agape.

But I’m going to my precinct caucus this year.

Why Republican caucuses? Well, just ask former IR gubernatorial candidate Wheelock Whitney.

More information on the caucuses is available here.

And more information on the drive to ban non-kosher hot dogs in the state is here. Two legislators have already responded!

Emblem courtesy OutFront Minnesota.