Cannabis foe Ingebrigtsen bummed colleagues didn’t vote for more rural medical marijuana


During the past legislative session, no legislator fought harder against legalizing access to medical cannabis than Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen (R-Alexandria).

Formerly sheriff of Douglas County, Ingebrigtsen voiced many of the objections cop lobbyists shared against a well-regulated system of dispensaries, voting against both the original Dibble bill (HF1641) and the watered-down “compromise” that is now waiting Governor Dayton’s signature.

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Classic case in point? The letter Bluestem shared in Ingebrigtsen & Rosen warn colleagues about “dangerously addictive” pot that rips apart families.

But now, with the ink not yet on the bill, the Alexandria Republican complains that medical cannabis will remain a distant dream for suffering Minnesotans in rural areas. Forum Communications veteran political observer Don Davis reports in Mixed grades on Greater Minnesota’s legislative issues:

. . . If water may be easier to obtain in at least one rural area, medical marijuana may be tough to buy, said Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria.

“That’s going to be an issue: access for all Minnesotans,” Ingebrigtsen said. “You are going to have potentially eight different distribution centers, depending on the population. If you’re in a denser populated area, you’re probably going to have more. That’s going to be an issue. You may end up running toward the metro to get your medical marijuana, should you need that.

Perhaps Ingebrigtsen can work with Senator Dibble on solving that problem next session.

Photo: Senator Bill Ingebrittsen, R-Alexandria.