Calling all photographers: Put faces on our neighborhoods!


We’re proud of our new neighborhood pages, and now it’s time to give each neighborhood a face! The Twin Cities Daily Planet invites all photographers to submit images of Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods to be featured front and center on our neighborhood pages. For an example, see our Cedar-Riverside page.

We expect that these photos will remain on the neighborhood pages for some time, so the ideal photo will represent a neighborhood in an attractive and immediately recognizable way—for example, skyscrapers in downtown, or the Macalester campus for Mac-Groveland, or people sitting outside the BLB for Lowry Hill East. You will be credited for your photo immediately below the image, with a link to your personal Web site or Flickr stream if you’d like.

The details: As with the Cedar-Riverside image, your photo will ultimately appear 480 pixels wide in a panoramic format—so frame the image to be wide and short. (We want room for the neighborhood description to be readily visible below each image.) You can do the cropping and resizing, or you can give us permission to do it for you. E-mail photos, or links to photos, to

A little fuzzy on neighborhood boundaries and names? Neighborhoods go by many names, but we use the neighborhood identities officially designated by the respective Twin Cities. Click here for map and links to Minneapolis neighborhoods, and here for St. Paul neighborhoods.