OPINION |Two calls for DFL action on effective gun regulations


More effective gun controls are addressed on the current edition of Democratic Visions.

Sami Rahamim discusses with AM950 Radio’s Nancy Nelson his response to the September killing of his father Reuvin Rahamim and two of his father’s employees and a United Parcel Service driver in his Bryn Mawr, Minneaplis sign company.  Sami, Rahamin attended the State of  the Union speech on the invitation of Congressman Keith Ellison.  He and other survivors of families who had been victimized by gun violence heard President Obama call out to Congress that they “ … deserve a vote!”   As a citizen-lobbyist, the 18-year old Mr. Rahamim has spoken on behalf of reforming gun laws in Saint Paul and Washington D.C.

Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0kaermDkDw

In a strong commentary about reluctant Minnesota DFL legislators, Eden Prairie’s Doug Lind reminds our state lawmakers that they need to show backbone and pass effective laws that will reduce the careless and evil use of weapons.



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