THEATER | SteppingStone Theatre and Mu Performing Arts get on “The Magic Bus to Asian Folktales”


SteppingStone Theatre enthralled and quieted grade school age children with their production of  The Magic Bus to Asian Folktales on Sunday, May 1. An audience of 140 parents, grandparents and their offspring enjoyed 90 minutes of folktales from China, Laos, and the Philippines.

“I would recommend this performance to anyone, any age. It was clear and wonderfully done,” said G.G. Alewine, grandmother of a very young child called Michael. “He especially liked the swords.”

The play’s school bus driver has a magic bag that holds ancient tales. He pulls out stories from his scatchel for the children on the bus and they are magically transported to Asia to live out the tales to learn the morals. 17 young actors, grades 3 to 9, sang and danced stories of courage, gender roles, honesty, hard work, and obedience.

The Magic Bus to Asian Folktales was SteppingStone Theatre’s 6th collaboration with Mu Performing Arts, a company presenting Asian-American theater. R.A. Shiomi, Cha Yang, and Jaz Canlas produced this stage play with music by Gary Rue.

Since 1987, SteppingStone Theatre’s mission has been to entertain while educating, presenting family entertainment that feeds the mind. The company serves young people from diverse ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds by teaching life skills through theater. SteppingStone offers six shows a year, theater classes and camps, artist residencies in schools, and community education.

Summer acting camps run from June 15 to September 2, for children ranging in ages from 3 to 17 years.