“Brittle Things” at the 2013 Minnesota Fringe Festival



I saw Brittle Things, written by Eli-Effinger-Weintraub, last weekend.  I adored this little show, despite not being a fan of romantic comedies in general.  Fellow blogger Matthew Everett reviewed it first for TCDP, so I dropped it down on my priority list, focusing on shows that haven’t received coverage.  (You can read his review here.) 

A character-driven script that gave the audience a complete story within the Fringe’s fifty minute time limit, “Brittle Things” is a romantic comedy with enough surprises to keep the audience engaged.  The dialogue is snappy but never smug.   Amelia Mohn plays Ronnie, a former child star who shattered into pieces when her career tanked after she came out.  She won’t leave her apartment, and her sister/agent hires Alison (Danielle Krivinchuk) to trick Ronnie into returning to acting.  It’s complicated.  But when Ronnie (Amelia Mohn),  meets Alison (Danielle Krivinchuk), sparks fly.  The actors have great chemistry.

There are awkward set changes and pauses that are very distracting, and an annoying “tick tock” sound cue that repeats between scenes.   But otherwise, this is a sweet show.  Today is the last chance to see it.