Breakfast lollypop? Salad-on-a-stick? 21 new foods at Minnesota State Fair


Breakfast lollypop? Salad-on-a-stick? Must be Minnesota State Fair time.

21 new foods premiere at the Minnesota State Fair for 2011:

Breakfast lollypops: Sausage patty dipped in corn muffin batter, deep-fried and served on a stick with maple syrup. Served at Axel’s on the southeast corner of the Food Building off Cooper and Dan Patch Avenue.

Chocolate covered jalapeño peppers: A hot and spicy chocolaty confection. Can also go with your chocolate covered watermelon on-a-stick. At Andre’s Watermelon next to Ye Old Mill on Underwood.

Sweet corn ice cream (premium vanilla ice cream with sweet kernels of summer corn blended in): Served in a corn bread waffle cone or dish or as a sundae topped with your choice of wild blueberry or caramel bacon sauce. At the Blue Moon Dine-In Theater on Carnes Avenue and Chambers Street.

Teriyaki marinated white chicken grilled on-a-stick. Find it at new concessionaire Chan’s Chicken on a Stick between Nelson and Underwood. Best food value is also at Chan’s on Thrifty Thursday, which offers an egg roll, and a soda or fresh squeezed lemonade for $1.

State Fair legendary Der Pretzel Haus offers a new food item this year: The pretzel dog. a meaty hot dog wrapped in fresh pretzel dough and baked to a perfect pretzel texture, served on-a-stick. Located south of Midway.

In the mood for new Mexican cuisine? El Sol Mexican Foods, on the southwest corner of the Food Building, recommends their Mexican horchata: a refreshing cold drink made of rice, almonds, cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar.

Famous Dave’s Barbecue on West Dan Patch Avenue presents a new food choice this year: rib tips served with Southside BBQ sauce. Famous Dave’s also has a Military Appreciation Day special of chocolate covered bacon for $4 on August 30.

Want healthier choices? Try the new fresh fruit wraps: sliced fresh fruit wrapped in a soft tortilla with a sweet and creamy cheese spread at Fried Fruit in Carousel Park.

Can you put a salad on a stick? Yes, says Giggles’ Campfire Grill with their new Northwoods salad-on-a-stick (mozzarella cheese, grape tomatoes, and dressing served over chilled wild rice). In the North Woods Building.

New concessionaire Starberi Frozen Yogurt is offering Starberi brand yogurt with eight fresh fruit toppings and four candy and cereal toppings. Located at the corner of Liggett and Dan Patch.

White Razzy Puppies—Belgian waffles with white chocolate baked into the waffle then dipped in a dark chocolate and drizzled with a Swiss style raspberry sauce—will be served at Grannys Kitchen Fudge Puppies outside the Food Building.

Fan of the Green Mill? New this year is their pizza kabob: three individually flavored Green Mill pizza rolls served on-a-stick. Located in Family Fair, Baldwin Park. Green Mill offers a Blue Ribbon Bargain Book deal, with a coupon to buy one slice of pizza and get a second slice free.

Feeling spicy? New food at Harry Singh’s Caribbean Restaurant is jamaican jerk fries: french fries fresh from the fryer and dusted with Harry’s own Jamaican Jerk seasonings with additional spices and sauces available, if you dare. Located inside the Food Building, east wall.

Vegetarian? Holy Land Deli, inside the Bazaar, offers their new coushari rice with lentil. This vegetarian staple from Egypt has distinctive blended textures of rice and lentils with Holy Land’s own sauce on the side. Served traditional with a side of pasta or fried onions.

Chow fun—a new Vietnamese wide rice noodle stir fry mixed with vegetables from Pham’s Deli (Aug. 29-Sept. 1)—is available at Midtown Global Market inside the Bazaar.

Yankee apple pie chocolate sandwich: Minnesota grown apples sautéed with spices topped with chocolate and grilled in Brioche bread is new at Moe and Joe’s Coffee, located on the south side of Judson Street. Don’t forget to try their Elvis-style peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Another Caribbean choice is the new Caribbean-style crab fritters with southwest dipping sauce at Ollie’s Crab Fritters on the corner of Murphy and Underwood.

San Felipe Tacos, inside the Food Building on the east wall, includes a new carnitas Asian fusion taco—pork carnitas served on a flour or spinach tortilla with cabbage and a mixture of cucumber, jalapeno, and red pepper; and topped with Asian sauces.

Like to get dirty? Spaghetti Eddie’s will help with their new dirt dessert: a childhood favorite served up State-Fair-style with crushed Oreo cookies, vanilla pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese, and a few gummy worms for good measure. Near Dan Patch Avenue.

At new concessionaire Spring Grove Soda Pop, on the west side of Judson, is “old fashion style bottled soda pop” made with cane sugar featuring flavors: strawberry, orange, grape, root beer, cream soda, lemon sour, black cherry, and creamy orange.

Other new concessionaires in 2011 are: D’Marie Gourmet Foods, Minneapple Pie, and T-Bonz Grill. D’Marie offers six flavors of Tuscan Triangles (a hybrid between a chip and a cracker), and six flavors of dried herb and Tuscan wine dips (you mix with mayo or sour cream to make the dip) in the Creative Activities Annex. Minneapple Pie, on the south side of Judson, serves deep fried, homemade-style individual apple pies, hot with a dusting of cinnamon and sugar, with your choice of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. T-Bonz Grill will be offering grilled chicken on pita bread and grilled Italian sausage, both with optional grilled onions and peppers. Located between Carnes and Judson.

Food Deals

92 food eateries have coupon specials from the State Fair’s Blue Ribbon Bargain Book offering everything from two-for-one deals to discounts. The 2011 Bargain Book has 100 State Fair deals plus 25 more deals this year. Bargain Books are available for purchase in advance at Cub Foods locations, at outlets in greater Minnesota and at the State Fair Box Office and online.

The Minnesota State Fair website provides a slick, easy-to-use Food Finder database which includes a drop-down food description with the location. There is also a printer-friendly, eight-page food list to help Fairgoers graze their way through the Great Minnesota Get-Together from Aug. 25 through Labor Day, Sept. 5.