NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Brasa Premium Rotisserie


So many times this restaurant has just been a meeting point established by a friend and not actually the designated dining establishment for the evening. That changed the evening of my birthday when O suggested this as a “new” restaurant that we ought to try.

On a Monday evening, parking was easy to find and we were able to choose where we wanted to sit as the place still had a few empty tables beckoning our company. Although it was my birthday, we couldn’t go all out and order everything on the menu because 1) every year my birthday resolution is to be more health conscious and 2) O does not have a bottomless appetite like me. We settled on ordering a serving of the rotisserie chicken and the braised beef. For our sides, I negotiated corn bread and black beans while O chose the fried plantains. As another waitress passed by with the enticing yellow rice and beans plate, O quickly waved her over so he could have some carbs to complement his protein.

The white cream sauce that came in a little side dish with the rotisserie chicken was very tasty. I didn’t care very much for the braised beef as it wasn’t as “hot out of the dutch oven” as I would have expected. The warmth of the meat left so fast that it felt reminiscent of a leftover meal – reheated the next day. That aside, it was rich, tasty, soft and chewy – just like how braised beef should be.

My only regret? Not going a little bit earlier on in the summer so I could enjoy a glass of rosé with my meal. Summers are too short in Minnesota.

Brasa, 600 E. Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN


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