FREE SPEECH ZONE | Book review: Susan Maushart’s “The Winter of Our Disconnect”


“The Winter of Our Disconnect” is a memoir of one mother’s experience, with her three children, of six months spent of deliberate disconnection from higher technology, which included internet, cell phones, instant messaging, etc.

While the author recounts her, and her family’s loss, of identity in contemporary society’s connectedness, when finished with the book, this reader was left to wonder what it was about. It was then you realize the book recounts the author’s experience of the world as a Luddite. It is the memoir of an individual blinded in the headlights of tomorrow.

It is fortunate the edition of the book I read is printed on pulp paper. Over time, it will make it easier to remove, and discard the book, as the book’s pages yellow and start to disintegrate.

“The Winter of Our Disconnect” by Susan Maushart; copyright 2011; Tarcher-Penguin; NYC, NY; $9.97; paperback.

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