Bonding bill update


Both the House and Senate bonding committees put their proposals for a capital investent borrowing bill on the table Thursday in the first day of the session.

The House bill, with Rep. Alice Hausman, DFL-St. Paul, as its author, comes in at just under $1 billion in size.

The Senate bill, written by Sen. Keith Langseth, DFL-Glyndon, weighs in at $955 million.

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Both are significantly larger than the $685 million list of projects Gov. Tim Pawlenty has endorsed.

Both houses will pass their own versions of a bill, then we’ll see what comes out of conference committee and negotiations with Pawlenty. He said he’ll veto anything that’s too big. Both houses need three-fifths majorities to pass bonding bills, and would need two-thirds majorities to override a veto.

Full spreadsheets of projects and funding are available for the House and Senate bills, but here are some of the highlights for Twin Cities area requests:

* The University of Minnesota would get $111 million in the Senate bill, $77 million in the House bill and $100 million in Pawlenty’s proposal. Pawlenty wants more for physics and nanotechnology, the Senate wants more for basic upkeep and repair.

* The Minnesota Zoo would get $32.5 million from the House bill, compared with $21 million from the Senate and Pawlenty. The House puts more in for fixing up exhibits.

* Pawlenty requests $75 million for local bridge repair and replacement and the Senate and House provide $67 million in their bills, but all include $10 million for Hennepin County for the Lowry Avenue Bridge and $7 million for Minneapolis’ Northtown Rail Yards Bridge.

* The House kicks in $75 million for the Metropolitan Council, versus $58 million from the Senate and just $13 million from Pawlenty. The House bill includes $50 million for transit improvements, while the Senate gives $25 million for a new bus garage and $11 million for the Como Zoo and Observatory.

* St. Paul’s Ordway Center Arts Partnership expansion would get $16 million in the House bill and $15 million in the Senate. It is not part of Pawlenty’s request.

* Minneapolis’ Orhcestra Hall and Peavey Plaza renovation would get $17 million from the House, $14.1 million from the Senate, and is also not in Pawlenty’s plan.

* Construction of an Asian-Pacific Cultural Center in St. Paul would get $7 million in the House, $5 million in the Senate and is not part of Pawlenty’s plan.

* A Hennepin County African-American Museum and Cultural Center would get $840,000 in the House, $500,000 in the Senate and is not part of Pawlenty’s plan.

Requests on life-support because they were included in only one bill include:

* $5 million for a St. Paul Rice Street bioscience corridor in the House bill.

* $5.3 million for Minneapolis’ Granary Road storm water and roadway infrastructure in the Senate bill.

* $250,000 for St. Paul to design and build a new home for the Saints baseball team.

In a future entry, I’ll look at outstate Minnesota projects and how they fared in the House and Senate bonding bills.