Best of Neighborhood News 2/17: Black Twitter moves culture, conversation


Black Twitter moves culture, conversation

Black TwitterThis week on the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, Charles Hallman talks about what was once considered an occasional burst of energy on Twitter, but is now a recognized news source: Black Twitter.

“The first time we heard about Michael Brown shot and killed was on Black Twitter,” says [April] Reign in a MSR phone interview. “There were over a thousand tweets about Mike Brown before any mainstream media news outlet picked up the story. The power of Black Twitter is that we as people of color are not going to stand around and let [the mainstream media] say anything racist.”

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Teacher of Afro-centric arts and culture class aims to boost students’ sense of belonging

Kristoffer Tigue for MinnPost Community Sketchbook wrote this week about increasing students’ sense of belonging and working to close the achievement gap by focusing on Afro-centric education.

Black students in Minneapolis often have a hard time connecting personally and culturally with the lessons they’re taught or the history they’re learning, she said, often because much of the school district’s curriculum is geared toward white audiences. (Last year, MPS took some major heat after several books with racist stereotypes appeared in curriculum materials ordered for students.)

Cottman said she deliberately looks for black historical figures or black scholars or black anecdotes to incorporate into her everyday lessons. “Even teaching math can be culturally specific,” she said. “It’s about referencing blackness whenever you can.”

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Creating place—SPNN’s new home

The Saint Paul Neighborhood Network has moved! See what SPNN Executive Director Chad Johnston has to say about what he’s envisioning for the new space on their website.