BLACK: The end of the achievement gap?


BLACK (Building Lives, Acquiring Cultural Knowledge) is a program in Minneapolis Public Schools that works to connect young African American males to black role models to address disparities such as the achievement gap. In this video, teachers and students in the program talk about its role and its effectiveness.

“This is actually the first time I’ve ever had an African American male teacher, ever in my twelve years [of school]. This class definitely brings us closer as a community at South High,” Myles Bilbro, a South High student, said.

This video was directed by Lauren Searcy, Ericka Washington, Myles Bilbro, and Rilet Weston, students in the South High VOICES class of 2015-2016. VOICES stands for Values, Options, Issues and Choices Explored in Society. Students in the VOICES class create social issue documentaries with the guidance of teachers Delainia Haug and Laura Lanik and Teaching Artist/videomaker John Akre. To see all of this year’s VOICES documentaries, visit this link.