Bigger isn’t always better


This time of the year, window air conditioners can be a blessing – but the cost of running them can be a curse. Luckily, you can avoid overspending simply by having the right size A/C for the room. The main idea to keep in mind is that a larger A/C unit doesn’t necessarily cool your room any better.

The crux of the A/C size issue is the time it takes your A/C to remove moisture from the air. An oversized A/C tends to run for shorter periods of time, lowering its ability to reduce humidity – resulting in very cold, very damp air. It may seem counter-intuitive, but smaller A/Cs that run a little bit longer at first are much better at reducing humidity and keeping rooms at a comfortable temperature. Since the larger units are so bad at removing humidity, you’ll end up using more energy running it more often to try and reduce the moisture.

For the smartest window A/C use, find one that is properly sized for the room you want to cool and use the energy-saving settings that will set it to automatically cycle. And enjoy!

Take a look at this chart to find the right capacity A/C for your space. Visit for more information and to find which size cooling unit is best for your needs.

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