Big fun with mini-golf at Walker on the Green


At the suggestion of the editor at TC Daily Planet (and Great Caesar’s Ghost! Don’t call her chief!), I am trying out the slide show feature.

The subject is the opening evening of the course(s) at the Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini-Golf. More information is available at Walker Art Center. The link has a slide show taken by another photographer aproximately at the same time as those presented here. Be sure to take a camera.. 

The Walker photos have the names of the “holes.” Each has a plaque with the title and artist statement. Not much in tips on how to approach the greens. Play is the key here, play around with the art and other people in the park. Kids get the idea immediately.

There is food and seating available and endless visual statements, on grand and mini scales. Skill of laughter is all that is needed to complete the course. It helps to relate how you are playing on mini courses, some of them mimicking the surrounding Sculpture Garden. And then there are the garden gnomes.