from beyond the LOOP…#033115


just like Africa
the NorthSide’s a continent…
one acts not for all

Editors Note: This is a new series by Minneapolis photographer Bill Cottman. For more than five years now, a poem, a musing, or a few words shows up in my inbox. Some with numbers in the title. Some with no title at all. There was no regularity either. Every few months I would get one. And then, nothing. I asked Bill about them  and he explained his method. He writes, and then almost like playing eenie meenie miney moe, he would chose participants. Well, we are on the right side of the shell game because Bill has chosen the Daily Planet as an outlet for his words of wisdom. Enjoy!

If you want to hear more from Bill, you can listen to Mostly Jazz on KFAI every  Saturday from 9-10:30am