Best of Neighborhood News 6/30/16: Queer & Trans POC communties post-Orlando stand tall


QTPOC at Pride, safety and inclusivity


Stephani Maari Booker of Minnesota-Spokesman Recorder spoke to the grand marshal of this year’s Pride parade, Roxanne Anderson, about whether QTPOC people feel safe and if they have adequate space to grieve and celebrate their communities. They also shed light on the role Power to the People plays in making Twin Cities Pride more inclusive. Read more about this here.


Overcrowding in Minnesota prisons

Mass incarceration has accelerated the marginalization and alienation of poor people while pushing them into prisons. Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder’s Bridging the Gap column discusses the little known convict leasing program that is the current alternative to overcrowded prisons.

What convict leasing programs have always done is to ship people to obscure places, far-away places for families to visit with exorbitant phone rates to further expand the disconnect between us and the communities we are supposed to return to  as contributing members!

Get the full story here.


Climate change’s disproportionate effect on marginalized communities

Sumaya MoAllin writes in a letter to the editor for MinnPost about the impact of climate change, and how those who suffer the most from climate change fall under certain intersections of class and race. People living in low-income neighborhoods, and thus more likely to be people of color, are more likely to have illnesses related to air quality. To counter that trend, MoAllin supports the Clean Power Plan, a plan that speeds clean energy advancement, and promotes clean energy projects that are affordable and accessible to all. Find out more about the Clean Power Plan at this link.