Best of Neighborhood News 2/10: Workers of color to testify on union biases


Cathy-Jones-2-e1454705537292-336x429Workers of color to testify on union biases

White leadership is challenged to share the power. On the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder this week, this story talks about efforts nationally and in Minneapolis to change leadership in unions to better reflect the people they serve.

“It’s important for us as union members of color to let our predominately White leaders know enough is enough.”

See the full story here.

Meet the street preachers harassing “sodomites” in downtown Minneapolis

On The Column this week, Andy Birkey goes over the history of Old Paths Baptist Church in Northfield, Minn., and how some of its members continually harass the LGBTQIA communities in the Twin Cities.

John Shore, writing for Patheos, put together a comprehensive guide to understanding the IFB phenomena. Much of what Shore writes is reflected in Cooley’s Old Paths Baptist Church: radical evangelism, frequent overtures of eternal damnation for all who don’t follow the IFB brand of belief, and a particular antipathy for “sodomites.”

Head to The Column’s website here for the full article and video.

Transparency & its discontents in St. Cloud: Times argues for open meetings on heated topics

Finally, don’t miss Bluestem Prairie’s latest as they note a lack of transparency in key community conversations, including discussions about the refugee communities in St. Cloud.