Best of Neighborhood News 12/1: Moms Demand Action Minnesota aim to end gun violence


Shannon Drury of Minnesota Women’s Press reports about the Minnesota chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It was formed in the aftermath of the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and is now an important voice in the movement against gun violence.

“As we spread the word about how to get involved with Moms Demand Action in Minnesota, we hear from moms, dads and grandparents horrified that we have created a world where children have to endure lockdown drills as part of school and preschool life,” Marit Brock, Moms Demand Action’s volunteer chapter director, says. “This isn’t pro- or anti-gun politics. This is a public health and safety issue.”

Read more about Moms Demand Action at Women’s Press.

UMN student group She’s the First sponsors education for girls worldwide

Layna Darling at Minnesota Daily reports that women at the University of Minnesota are raising scholarship money for girls in low-income countries to go to college. The student organization She’s the First is a nonprofit that conducts fundraising events to fund education for girls in developing countries. The national organization was founded seven years ago and has ever since promoted providing equal education for girls worldwide.

In a letter to She’s the First, Janani — an eleventh-grade girl the group sponsors — wrote about how important the organization has been to her education.

“She’s the First has inspired me to fulfill others’ needs before my own,” Janani said. “I am grateful to She’s the First for giving me the confidence I need to freely express my opinions and for supporting me through my education.”

Read more about the organization over at Minnesota Daily.

Students learn critical role of anthropology

Insight News reports that Drs. Kamela Heyward-Rotimi and Rachel Watkins familiarized students at the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center after school program with exercises about race.

Dr. Rachel Watkins (left) and Dr. Kamela Heyward-Rotimi of Anthropologists Go Back to School. Photo courtesy of the American Anthropological Association.

Dr. Rachel Watkins (left) and Dr. Kamela Heyward-Rotimi of Anthropologists Go Back to School. Photo courtesy of the American Anthropological Association.

Both are co-chairs of the Anthropologists Go Back to School initiative for the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the flagship professional organization for anthropologists nationally and internationally.

Watkins says, “(I am) committed to using my research and expertise to engage in interdisciplinary and public discussions about race, health disparities and science as a social practice. This includes speaking to elementary, middle and high school students about anthropology in a way that relates it to social studies and science topics they are covering in their classes.”

Read more over at Insight News.

One thought on “Best of Neighborhood News 12/1: Moms Demand Action Minnesota aim to end gun violence

  1. The November 28, 2016, Chicago Sun-Times, Fran Spielman article: “Black Politicians Unite After Murder of Congressman’s Grandson” outlined specifically the exact plan that Todd Elliott Koger has shared with the Congressional black leadership, the “Movement for Blacklivesmatter,” Rev. Jesse Jackson, private foundations, and the like. In fact, Mr. Koger had already complained that the Urban League also usurped this proposal.

    None of the black leadership named in the Chicago Sun-Times article had previously demonstrated any interest for the suggestion until apparently “word got out that Mr. Koger also shared the Plan with Donald Trump.” That is, the black leadership named in the Chicago Sun-Times’ article has always taken direct issue with Mr. Trump arguing that “BLACKS ARE NOT LIVING IN THE PRECARIOUS SITUATION OUTLINED.” Donald Trump was the only one willing to listen to Mr. Koger (blacks have been voting almost 50 years “straight” Democrat and our situation remained the same or worst).

    First Mr. Trump issued an online video that addressed our plight. Next he went to Michigan and then took the message to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thereafter, Mr. Koger packaged the visual optics and shared Mr. Trump’s fight against the “status quo” with black America to grow an arsenal of black Trump supporters.

    When “sh*t hit the fan” in October 2016 and everyone started to run from Mr. Trump . . . Mr. Koger suggested the need for a new “writing” for black America to put things back on track. Thereafter, Mr. Trump almost immediately issued a “New Deal For Black America.”

    Donald Trump owes his victory to “predominately black Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania” who were convinced to give Mr. Trump more votes than the previous Republican Party presidential candidate. African Americans like Todd Elliott Koger convinced hundreds of thousands blacks in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and various other states to boycott the vote and/or the traditional “straight” Democratic Party vote.

    Mr. Trump’s “margin of victory” is realized when you combine this with an increase of “Obama white voters” in Wisconsin and Michigan voting Trump in 2016. Trump won Pennsylvania by 1.1 percentage points (68,236 votes), Wisconsin by 0.9 points (27,257 votes), and Michigan by 0.2 points (11,837 votes). If Hillary Clinton had won all three states, she would have won the Electoral College 278 to 260. She fell short in all three.

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