Best of Neighborhood News 11/14: Student trans rights activists march in response to transphobia at UMN


University of Minnesota’s College Republicans group added a panel to the Washington Avenue bridge the which states that “the proposed pronoun policy mocks real social issues,” in reference to a newly proposed university gender expression policy. Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018, students and faculty marched across the bridge in protest to the panel and the marginalization of the transgender community that it represents.

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Minneapolis College announces staffing changes to bridge the educational opportunity gap

The Minneapolis College Division of Equity and Inclusion announced addition of permanent staffing with the goal of increasing opportunities available to members of marginalized groups in the Twin Cities area.

“The phrase ‘All are welcome here’ is more than just a clever phrase on a sign around campus; it’s a way to capture the work of our highly-credentialed and connected staff who are positioned to move the needle on creating opportunities for underrepresented students to excel.” said Dr. Jay Williams, chief diversity officer of Minneapolis College.

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Local businesses forced out of properties call for policy reform

Local businesses being forced out of their properties to make way for luxury housing complexes is nothing new to Minnesota. As more small businesses are replaced by luxury housing, there is an increased call for the city of Minneapolis to make a change and create policy to circumvent the rapid spread of gentrification. The 1400 block of Nicollet Avenue just lost many of the local businesses that had been situated there, some for almost two decades.

“We all want Minneapolis to improve, but it seems like in order for that to happen, we have to leave,” said Nasro Abshir, Operator of First Choice Child Care.

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