Best of Neighborhood News 07/14/2016: Nation’s violence opens old wounds


A son realizes his mothers fear: In MSR News Online Mitchell McDonald explains the moment he finally understood his mothers warnings and how the current climate of police violence have left him feeling vulnerable. He also speaks on the role black women play as his protectors.

“My mom knew what I would face as a Black man in America long before I did. From beginning to end, Mary Frances Palmer McDonald was my protector.”

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“Insure the Police” ballot measure against police brutality clears important hurdle: The Minnesota Daily reports that a petition to place a police insurance amendment on November’s ballot was approved at a Minneapolis City Council committee meeting Monday.

Though the measure requires another step of council approval before it’s placed on any ballot, the proposal — backed by the Committee for Professional Policing and more than 7,000 signatures — would require every Minneapolis Police Department officer to carry professional liability insurance.

To learn more about the City Council decision and the organizing efforts, click here.


Thinking Black: Elder Atum Azzahir speaks on having an African approach when it comes to critical thinking. She emphasizes the need for this approach and that Black children must be intellectually stimulated from a young age due to the crisis the community is facing .

“My parents implemented a system for me to develop the intellect and the spirit that is driven by the African system of thinking, a system that pre-existed the European system of thinking. I contend that the African system of thinking is still instinctively practiced by most African people.”

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