Best of Neighborhood News 4/13: Civil rights groups come together with Black Legislative Agenda


Civil rights groups come together to push for legislative agenda addressing Minnesota’s racial disparities

Leaders of black Minnesotan communities put out a United Black Legislative Agenda last week. Kristoffer Tigue of MinnPost reports the agenda addresses a diverse set or issues including economic development, criminal justice and immigrant interests.

“Folks are recognizing across demographics the need to align a set of shared priorities, work together in unique and creative ways and provide our own set of pragmatic solutions to the equity crisis,” said Anthony Newby, executive director of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

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Justice fighters dialogue across generations

Black Legislative Agenda

Josie Johnson

In another act of solidarity, 8th Ward Minneapolis City Council Member Elizabeth Glidden hosted a gathering, titled, “From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter: Learning from Movement Leaders,” with Dr. Josie Johnson and Lena K. Gardner in late March. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder detailed the conversation on cross-generational movements:

Dr. Johnson recalled her early days growing up, saying, “A lot of elders told me don’t mess up what we have tried to build. These are the things that work and these are the things that don’t.” Johnson said that line of communication is now missing.

“I think we are missing out on reaching our young people by asking, ‘How can we be helpful?’”

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Metro Transit Police will undergo bias training

This week, the Minnesota Daily reported that Metro Transit Police will join University of Minnesota Police later this year for a bias training program.

This decision came after a 2015 report found black adults were 38 percent more likely to be arrested by Metro Transit Police and Native American adults were 55 percent more likely to receive a citation rather than a warning compared to white adults.

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