What makes a blog a blog?  Bogging is in the vein of reporting events as one sees it without a required degree or job position.  It is also similar to writing a letter to the editor in the newspaper.  Although my last letter to the editor I wrote to our home town paper was censured in Sept 2009.  I was writing about my  3lb. dog that was stolen using heavy guilt language, nothing abusive just intense and thought provking.  The editor called and said he could not put it in as it stood, so I let him make it vanilla; therefore I could still get my message out.  I believe the blogger can use strong respectful language and not be crnsured, challenged maybe but not censured.  Blog reporting should be done with as much objectivity as possible and then the story can come out in your voice.

My most energizing thing about blogging is the unknown.  How does this all work?  Who will submit?  The expectation of the unknown quantity is energizing.

I think the most challenging thing for me and other new bloggers is will I have something to talk about that interests anyone?  My conversations interest my family and close friends; they have to put up with my inane thoughts because they love me. This will be definitely be a challenge to find the right topics to blog about.  Hopefully I started out on the right foot.