Saundra McCoy: Benihana an entertaining place for birthday celebrations


I recently experienced a successful birthday celebration thanks to Benihana. This is the fifth year I celebrated my birthday with friends over dinner at Benihana restaurant in Golden Valley. Each year I leave satisfied and can be expected to return the following year. The food, atmosphere and staff make Benihana perfect for adult birthday celebrations.

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The Food: There is nothing like a Hibachi Grill, watching your food cook with mouthwatering smells, and amusing talent of the Benihana chefs. All of which make Benihana a unique dining experience. In my opinion, what sets Benihana’s food apart from competition is the Yum Yummy sauce. My husband describes it as, “A creamy, sweet, savory sauce that complements any type of vegetable or meat.” He is notorious for purchasing a bottle of sauce each time we visit. This year we brought a first timer to Benihana. Her reaction, “The food was amazing, but that Yum Yummy is what I’m coming back for.”

The Atmosphere: Benihana has a beautiful interior. It incorporates the Japanese culture with modern design and elegant lighting. The best part is the table. Everyone is seated around the grill allowing them to see and interact with everyone at the table including the chef. This is especially nice for big events, like my birthday, to share the experience with a group of close friends.

The Staff: Between the bartender and our chef Elancio, our night was a success. Our bartender was extremely friendly and helpful in suggesting good birthday shots. However, our chef made the night. He was absolutely hysterical with impeccable food presentation. Not only did he throw shrimp into my mouth, he created a flower with eggs he later used in fried rice. He kept us clapping and laughing with excitement. It was wonderful.

My birthday is already reserved for next year. A Benihana birthday celebration for adults is comparable to Chucky Cheese for children. You can’t beat it. If you are looking for an entertaining dinner with awesome food for any occasion, go to Benihana!