In the beginning


Q: How did you get here?
A: What do you mean?
Q: I mean did you come here by a boat, bus, plane…?

You can tell this person really wants to add, “Did you walk here?”

I just answer “by plane.” I mean I am freaking from Somalia!  In Africa!  For goodness sake, people, ask a better question.

It is true some Somali people went to Kenya by boats. But that was at the beginning of the war. They went to a city called Kismayo, where boats docked and brought goods to Somalia from other countries.  Also, a lot of Somalis go to Yemen by boat, but not to America.

I’ve never met or heard of someone who came to America by boat or bus or walked here. I don’t think walking is possible. There are huge oceans, like the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Unless someone has Jesus’ power and can walk on water, walking is out of the question.

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