MONDAY PICK | Beatrix*JAR invite you to break your toys—in order to make newer, stranger ones


The pair of local performers, artists, and electronic mischiefmakers who go by the moniker Beatrix*JAR are taking up weeklong residence at 2401 University Avenue, where they’ll be maintaining what they’re calling “an interactive open experimental studio.”

That’s a bit vague, so let’s clarify. Beatrix*JAR are specialists in the fine art of repurposing consumer electronics, particularly the ones covered in fuzz and presented to freaked-out children on birthdays and holidays. Those kids will be even more freaked out when they see what Beatrix*JAR (or you, under their guidance) do to Teddy Ruxbin and Tickle Me Elmo: strange sounds? Extra heads? Joints where joints never were? The sky’s the limit. Pack up your playthings and stop in on June 25 from noon to 7 p.m.

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