Bachmann’s “kill the health care bill” rally in Minnesota


Another Bachmann rally, this time in St. Paul. Thousands turn out.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, an account of the story. And something very weird going on: apparently, in the original of the story that appeared on line today, the Strib reporter wrote this:

“The rally flashed with anger at times. As Bachmann was saying, “American people are not going to take this lying down,” one man shouted, “Kill the bastard!” a reference to President Obama. “Impeach them!” another shouted.”

How do I know that appeared in the original story? Because it’s quoted on another political blog today, and because commenters in the story thread at the Strib website reference it.

But now (apparently) the reporter or his editor or whoever have scrubbed it off the paper’s site. If you go to the article at the link below, you won’t find the quoted passage — though a Google cache search of the entire quote will take you to the Strib article, I can’t find the quote in it, any more. And Google won’t let you “look at” the cache any more.

And the story was filed today. That’s pretty fast back-trackin’ from the Strib, kind of Ministry of Truth/1984 stuff. The “kill the bastard” quote is still referred to in the comments though.

Anyway, here’s from the reporting on the rally:


Last update: March 13, 2010 – 6:20 PM

The message that echoed across the State Capitol grounds Saturday couldn’t have been simpler: “Kill the bill!”

A day after congressional Democratic leaders announced their final legislative push to enact a bill to overhaul the nation’s health care system, opponents rallied to send a noisy contrary message. Rally organizers said 4,000 people attended, but Capitol police estimated the crowd at 2,000 or fewer…

…The headliner and clear crowd favorite was Republican Sixth District Rep. Michele Bachmann…

Gazing out over the flag-waving, sign-wielding crowd, she said: “This is awesome. This is our country. We own it!”

…Among the signs being waved was one that listed Marx, Lenin and Stalin, followed by Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Obama, Pelosi and Reid were repeatedly invoked as political villains……