Bachmann: Obama to leave far-left legacy even if it means losing in 2012


by Paul Schmelzer, August 31, 2009–Rep. Michele Bachmann hit the stage at the Steamboat Institute’s first Freedom Conference in Colorado on Saturday. Ross Kaminsky of the Denver Post — who says he publicly commended Bachmann at the event for “kicking so much ass” — recaps her “brief but dynamic talk.” He writes that the 6th district Republican said President Obama told her he’d “be perfectly happy to leave a far-left legacy even if it means losing his second election for president”:

Bachman [sic] spoke about the political climate in DC, about the follies of “bipartisanship” at this time, and about the fact that conservatives should not assume that the Democrats will not find a way to pass a truly terrible health care bill. Bachmann talked about her background with a PhD in federal tax law [Bachmann has a J.D. from Oral Roberts and an LL.M. from William & Mary]. She told a story of needing to get a clarification on a 14-word section of the commercial tax code: She eventually found someone at the IRS whose whole job was intepreting [sic] that 14-word section.  Bachmann said that the experience made her realize that “the average citizen doesn’t have a chance.”

One of the most interesting things Bachmann said was confirming something I’ve said to many people: When people tell me that Obama will back off the policy proposals that the public most hates, I generally reply that Obama is a committed ideologue and, unlike most politicians, will be perfectly happy to leave a far-left legacy even if it means losing his second election for president. Bachmann said that Obama said that very thing to her and a group of Congressmen (and Congresswomen) that he was meeting with earlier this year. Bachmann believe [sic] Pelosi falls in this same camp, though Pelosi’s risk is “losing the gavel”, not losing her seat.

While Bachmann shared the stage with the likes of Grover Norquist and Michael Reagan in Steamboat, she’ll be the star attraction in Denver today: She’s headlining a fundraiser there for the Independence Institute.



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