MN VOICES | Kimberly Nightingale and the Saint Paul Almanac: Sharing stories as community activism

Kimberly Nightingale is a woman who is following her passion and living her dream. The key to her success: Commitment. “Ask if you are committed to your community, are you committed to caring for and listening to your community,” she advises on the topic of starting a datebook/ story collection. Kimberly Nightingale is the editor of the Saint Paul Almanac whose mission is to create opportunities for understanding, learning, and building relationships through sharing people’s stories. She values each person’s contribution to what the Almanac terms “a literary campfire,” whether they are an emerging or a professional writer.The Saint Paul Almanac as a literary organization is in its seventh year. Continue Reading

Building a bridge with words

Students at Face to Face Academy Writing Workshop (Photo: Carole Mannheim)

At the writing workshop, I ask the students if they are here because they think writing is important. A couple of them raise their hands. Then I ask if they are taking the workshop because they will receive extra credit, and most of the hands shoot up.

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